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DMX of Vancouver concentrates on treating and managing people who have been in a car crash.  We work with specialists locally and throughout the United States to give you the best possible treatment plan. 

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Digital motion x-ray, or DMX, is a specific type of real-time x-ray (fluoroscopy) that views the bones in motion to detect abnormal motion, hypomobility, or hypermobility (instability) in the spine.


DMXis often used as a screening tool to see if further tests, such as MRIs, CT, or if surgical intervention is warranted.



This study published in March 2020 in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, reviewed the validity of DMX (fluoroscopy) in discriminating between injured and uninjured subjects. 

  • The findings of two or more abnormal parameters of intervertebral motion during a DMX of the spine is a highly accurate diagnostic test for identifying patients with chronic (>6-weeks) neck pain after a whiplash trauma. 

  • Two or more abnormal findings on the DMX there is an 88 percent chance of the patient being injured.
    When there are 4 or more abnormal findings the probability of the patient being injured was 100 percent. (A DMX cervical exam evaluates 22-ligaments). 

Freeman, M.D., Katz, E.A., Rosa, S.L., Gatterman, B.G., Strommer, E.M.F., & Leith, W.M. (2020). Diagnostic Accuracy of Videofluoroscopy for Symptomatic Cervical Spine Injury Following Whiplash Trauma. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, (17), 1693.   


Whether you have neck pain, headaches, sub-acute back pain that lasts no more than three months, Dr. Maglente uses his board certified diagnostic skills for diagnosing and treating mechanical disorders within both the nervous system and the musculo-skeletal system.

Some of the typical procedures used at our chiropractic clinic include in-depth history,  physical examination and DMX scan. These procedures are meant to diagnose and find the sources of a patient’s pain.

Once a patient is diagnosed, Dr. Maglente will define the right treatment plan based on the patient’s needs. The type of chiropractic treatments available at our clinic include soft tissue manipulations, spinal adjustments, and other joint manipulations.

In addition, our approach of including alternative therapies with standard medicine incorporates therapies such as proprioceptive stretching, progressive deep tissue massage, hot and cold therapies, therapeutic exercises, neuromuscular re-education, and core stabilization exercises have also shown benefit many patients as long as they also receive corrections for their spinal imbalances.

Outside referrals are frequently made to pain managment physicians, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, optometrist, dentist, and other highley skilled healthcare providers to aid you in regaining your quality of life. 


We offer second opinions for doctors,

attorneys and insurance carriers. 



We will testify in arbitrations, depositions and court. 


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2020 DMX Paper. 

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