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Neck And Back Pain

Neck and Back Pain Injuries: Identify Causes and Pursue Treatment at DMX of Vancouver.

Treating and managing upper back and neck pain requires a proper understanding of the root cause and underlying symptoms. Individuals presenting with neck and back pain may find that these issues last intermittently, perhaps no more than three months. Others who present with neck and back pain may do so following an injury through an automobile accident. No matter how these painful symptoms present, we must start by identifying their root causes through a diagnosis with real-time X-rays.

DMX of Vancouver is the ONLY DMX system located in the Greater Portland Area. Proud to also serve SW Washington with quality diagnostic care, DMX of Vancouver concentrates on managing and treating individuals who have suffered from an automobile incident through work with local specialists.

Neck and Back Pain: Road to Diagnosis

Following an automobile accident, upper back and neck pain may manifest. As our bodies are complicated systems with many moving parts, the professionals at DMX of Vancouver will turn to a Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) for further information. A Digital Motion X-Ray is real-time fluoroscopy that allows medical professionals to view bones as they are in motion.

The goal of real-time fluoroscopy is to accurately detect any signs of:

  • Abnormal motion

  • Hypomobility

  • Hypermobility

A Digital Motion X-Ray can be used as a winning diagnostic and screening tool to better decide if additional testing is required. Once the DMX imaging is completed, a chiropractic approach through the services of Dr. Maglente will be the next step. DMX of Vancouver also embraces alternative therapies including deep tissue massages, therapeutic exercises, core stabilization, and neuromuscular re-education.

Contact DMX of Vancouver to Schedule an Appointment

Dr. Stephen Maglente has more than 20 years of chiropractic and DMX experience. Dr. Maglente specializes in the treatment and diagnosis of hypermobility, spinal instability, neck pains, back pains, headaches, and more. Contact DMX of Vancouver for an appointment, today!

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