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Pain Relief

Uncover Pain Relief Solutions With a Digital Motion X-Ray Near Vancouver.

The road to tangible pain relief requires many stops for diagnosis and proper treatment advocacy. Thanks to stunning advancements in medical technology, individuals looking for pain relief can find the information that they need through a digital motion x-ray near Vancouver. DMX of Vancouver is a full-service chiropractic care clinic that specializes in treatment and diagnosis through real-time x-rays. These services are ideal for addressing spinal instability, neck pains, headaches, and other injuries resulting from car accidents.

How Does a DMX System Work?

A Digital Motion X-Ray creates something resembling an X-Ray movie of the human body, tracking movement in real-time in ways that conventional X-Rays and MRIs simply cannot match. DMX fluoroscopy technology allows for the production of 30 x-rays per second, allowing fluid movement to be mapped during the imaging process. This gives medical professionals an unparalleled look at potential injuries.

Why Try DMX Imaging?

By this point in time, individuals might be wondering why they should consider DMX imaging with DMX of Vancouver. More than just fast and accurate, DMX opens up a world of personally tailored treatment plans. Here are a few more reasons to consider giving DMX of Vancouver a try.

  • Pinpoint Your Pain — DMX imaging is particularly effective for diagnosing injuries about motion, sports injuries, car accidents, and even falls.

  • Understand Your Injury — DMX imaging allows medical professionals to more accurately diagnose and understand the sources of chronic pain patients are going through. The motion picture that DMX provides gives Dr. Maglente the ability to craft a customized treatment plan.

Contact DMX of Vancouver For an Appointment

DMX of Vancouver is proud to serve as the ONLY DMX system in SW Washington and the Greater Portland Area. Led by Dr. Stephen Maglente and his 20 years of chiropractic and DMX experience, interested patients need only call at their convenience to schedule an appointment.

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