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Neck Pain Remedies

DMX of Vancouver Provides Targeted Neck Pain Relief for Car Crash Injuries

Dealing with chronic aches and pains can make life difficult, to say the least. Looking for neck pain relief or affordable neck pain remedies can feel like an unending quest when we don't know the source of pain. DMX of Vancouver is the ONLY DMX System located in the Greater Portland Area and they are professionally prepared to offer assistance, today!

Neck Pain Remedies That Work: Chiropractic Care at DMX of Vancouver

DMX of Vancouver specializes in diagnosing and treating issues pertaining to spinal instability, neck pains, headaches, and injuries relating to automobile incidents. Through the use of a Digital Motion X-Ray, also known as fluoroscopy, Dr. Maglente can screen for potential abnormalities, including instability in the spine, hypomobility, or other abnormal motion.

After DMX is used as a screening tool, Dr. Stephen Maglente and DMX of Vancouver can move onto a more comprehensive spinal care routine. Dr. Maglente incorporates many alternative therapies including the following:

  • Soft Tissue Manipulations

  • Joint Manipulations

  • Spinal Adjustments

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Hot and Cold Therapies

  • And More!

DMX of Vancouver works on treating individuals in the ways that work best for them. To learn more, contact DMX of Vancouver to schedule an appointment!

Call DMX of Vancouver For Neck Pain Relief

Dr. Stephen Maglente and the rest of the team at DMX of Vancouver are ready and prepared to help severe neck pain relief to those in need. With a focus on innovative digital motion x-rays, DMX of Vancouver can set the stage for invaluable neck pain relief through accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

With two decades of experience in DMX and chiropractic care, Dr. Maglente is prepared to serve clients throughout SW Washington and the Greater Portland Area with affordable treatment and diagnosis services. Whether individuals are dealing with neck pain, sub-acute back pain, or an injury relating to an automobile accident, DMX of Vancouver is prepared to help.

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