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Severe Neck And Shoulder Pain

Treat Severe Neck and Shoulder Pain With a Deep Tissue Massage From DMX of Vancouver.

The manifestation of chronic or severe neck and shoulder pain can lead to a reduced comfort in life. Whether due to chronic injuries, an automobile accident, or some other mishap, finding tangible pain relief through a professional treatment plan should be a priority.

To get started on the journey toward health and wellness when dealing with severe neck and shoulder pain, the team at DMX of Vancouver can offer professional assistance. Led by Dr. Stephen Maglente with more than 20 years of chiropractic and digital motion x-ray experience, DMX of Vancouver is suited to lead you toward recovery.

Severe Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief Through a Deep Tissue Massage

As a chiropractic care facility, DMX of Vancouver is uniquely qualified to diagnose and correspondingly treat severe neck and shoulder pain. DMX imaging is useful for gaining insight regarding potential joint instability whether it be due to trauma or a motor vehicle crash. After assessing the issue and clarifying why the pain exists, a deep tissue massage may become a viable solution. There are many therapeutic options available for neck and shoulder pain, though deep tissue massages tend to lead the way.

Deep tissue massages are a form of massage therapy that highlights the importance of realigning our muscles and tissues. In doing so, chiropractors can help their patients to experience pain relief for chronic pains and aches along the neck, upper back, shoulders, and leg muscles. A professional deep tissue massage will be focused on fixing a specific issue and this is why proper diagnosis is so important.

Many individuals enjoy deep tissue massage therapy as it provides tangible relief while minimizing discomfort in a non-invasive experience. Ideal for pain relief and injury rehabilitation, potential clients in the Greater Portland Area can contact the team at DMX of Vancouver today to schedule an appointment!

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