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Hot And Cold Therapies

Hot and Cold Therapies Bring Relief Where You Need It Most.

Struggling with chronic pain? Experience an automobile accident that has left you injured? Assessing, diagnosing, and properly treating injuries can turn into a grueling process of trial-and-error. When individuals struggle to trace down the root causes of their chronic aches and pains, it can be hard to craft an effective alternative treatment plan.

When it comes time to accurately examine and diagnose a potential injury, DMX of Vancouver can help.

Alternative Treatment Options For Pain Relief

DMX of Vancouver is operated by Dr. Stephen Maglente. As the only DMX system in all of the Greater Portland and SW Washington area, DMX of Vancouver provides its clients with access to accurate real-time x-rays to help properly diagnose and assess injuries. The DMX imaging system allows Dr. Maglente to treat and diagnose spinal instability, neck pain, car crash injuries, headaches, and other associated pains.

With more than two decades of DMX and chiropractic experience, Dr. Maglente specializes in instability problems, neck and back pains, headaches, hypermobility, and hypermobility issues. Treating these different aches and pains can manifest in a number of different processes.

As a professional chiropractic care facility, DMX of Vancouver can provide support through the following (of many) treatment modalities.

  • Hot and Cold Therapies — One of the best ways to address pain, swelling, and inflammation is through beneficial hot and cold therapies. Targeted benefits can treat joints, musculoskeletal issues, and soft tissue injuries.

  • Progress Deep Tissue Massages — Deep tissue massages are ideal for treating chronic pain, lower back pain, and any mobility limitations.

  • Spinal Adjustments — Chiropractic spinal adjustments are ideal for safely and effectively targeting lower back pain or any sudden injury caused by movement and motion.

Don't make living with pain part of your day-to-day experience. To live better, happier, and healthier, call DMX of Vancouver to schedule an introductory appointment at your convenience!

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